May 29, 2020

Dear Fellow Club Members,

Once again, we thank you for your patience and understanding during these extraordinary times!

After being closed for about six weeks, on the May 8th we reopened the club due to some of the state-level COVID-19 precautions being relaxed.  As a result of being closed for this extended period, the BoD and I fully expected our ranges to quickly fill to capacity creating a wait-list situation at certain ranges and times of the day.  We have been monitoring range usage and the perceived extensive use has not materialized.  In spite of the many complaints we heard when the club was closed, usage has been and remains even lower than normal.  One of the temporary COVID-19 Club rules we implemented to help reduce the likelihood of the ranges becoming clogged up with guests making it more difficult for our members to utilize our ranges, was to temporarily suspend guests.  Since this expected condition did not come to fruition, we are lifting this restriction and now allowing members to bring guests to the Club in accordance with the SLSC, Inc. SoP, effective tomorrow, Saturday, 30 May.

Further, in response to Gov Hogan’s implementation of phase one of MD reopening, with restrictions the state will be allowing outdoor sporting events, so the BoD and I are in the process of relaxing more of these temporary Club restrictions and will put out another updated plan next week.  Our intent is to come up with a plan that allows the Club to resume our calendar of matches and events in some capacity.  We will be seeking COVID-19 plans from our match and event directors, and will use these to help supplement the new plan.   

We personally know and understand everyone is ready to be over this pandemic and would like nothing more than to resume our normal SoP and activities   But, we also know too much, too fast may be detrimental to the long-term welfare of our club members, our friends and families, our community, our state, our nation and yes, even our world.  So, we must proceed with calculated caution, taking a level-headed, educated approach to resuming our normal daily Club activities and lives.  The BoD and I do not take our elected duties lightly; the welfare of our Club and members is something we cannot compromise on and intend to implement a continued phased plan, utilizing all the tools and data available to do what’s best for the majority.  On this, there is no alternative or shortcut!  100,000+ US deaths due to COVID-19, enough said!!!

We are republishing the following temporary rules, with the exception of the no guest rule, so everyone can easily access them again.

Please follow all COVID-19 related health guidance available. Information and resources can be found here:

Members considered high risk for COVID-19 are strongly encouraged to remain at home and not utilize SLSC, Inc. property.   Guidelines can be found here: 

1.    Members exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 are prohibited from utilizing SLSC, Inc grounds in any capacity; PLEASE STAY HOME!! This includes fever, coughing, breathing difficulty, chills, or other symptoms as described here:

2.    Clubhouse is closed.     

a. Officers, Directors, staff or Committee personnel performing administrative or maintenance activity may use the Clubhouse as necessary, within gathering limits.

3.   Members are strongly encouraged to wear cloth face masks while on SLSC, Inc. property, though this is not mandatory.

4.   Members shall sanitize their hands before and after shooting (the Club will not be providing any sanitizer, so please bring your own.)
5.   Members shall maintain 6-foot minimum distance from each other and shall not gather anywhere on the grounds in groups larger than ten (10) people.

a. Members waiting to shoot must not gather near any range, and are encouraged to wait in their vehicles.

b.  When ranges are at the ten (10) person capacity and there are members waiting to utilize the range, a one-hour time limit is imposed for each member.  Refer to the SOP on how form a wait-list.

6.   Members should avoid sharing personal equipment, and should sanitize public equipment (staplers, tape, etc.) before use.

7.  Members only, no guests allowed on SLSC, Inc property.

8.  We will continue to cancel all classes, events/matches until further notice; this is to reduce the inevitable situation of having any gathering of more than ten (10) people in any one area of the club at a time (we expect this rule to change in some capacity next week.)




1.       The use of facemasks is highly recommended.

2.       No more than 10 people at an individual range at any one time.

3.       Minimum 6 foot distancing is required at all times.

4.       Hands shall be sanitized before and after shooting.

5.       Sharing of personal equipment is discouraged.

6.       Members only, no guests allowed on SLSC, Inc. property.




1.     The use of facemasks is highly recommended.

2.     No more than 3 people in a Blue Sky Range at any one time.

3.     Minimum 6 foot distancing is required at all times.

4.     Hands shall be sanitized before and after shooting.

5.     Sharing of personal equipment is discouraged.

6.     Members only, no guests allowed on SLSC, Inc. property.



  1. Masks are encouraged 
  2. Members only
  3. Maintain at least 6 ft of separation between unrelated people at all time  
  4. Limit of 15 people max at the range
  5. Anyone arriving after the limit has been reached may stay in their vehicle until a spot opens up
  6. Squad sign up sheets will not be used. Squads with me coordinated verbally.
  7. The use of prepaid cards is required. Cash will only be accepted to purchase prepaid cards (not individual rounds). 
  8. Shooters are required to cross off rounds on punch cards or use their own punch device to pay for rounds.
  9. Ammunition will not be sold
  10. ROs only in the clubhouse and no more than 2 at a time
  11. Coffee and water mess is closed
  12. Shooters are encouraged (but not required) to use shotguns that do not automatically eject shells onto the ground
  13. Shooters must police their own shells (by hand or with their own pick stick) at a time designated by the RO (approximately every 3 rounds)
  14. Guns may not be shared
  15. Shooters must provide their own eye and ear protection and shell pouches (club equipment will not be loaned)
  16. No more than 5 people per squad (not including RO)
  17. No one other than shooters and RO are allowed in the shooting area (skeet field or 5 stand platform)
  18. 1 non-shooting RO will pull the entire round. No one else may handle the puller.
  19. Puller must be sanitized between rounds
  20. No more than 1 person at a time in each shooting station (no hands on or over the shoulder coaching)
  21. RO must remain 6 ft away from shooter unless reacting to a safety related issue
  22. Anyone that has to be corrected for a safety concern more than once will be asked to leave for the day
  23. Only 1 RO at a time is allowed to load a machine (no assistance opening boxes or handling clays)

These rules will be updated as needed.

I know this is becoming a “dead horse beating”, but I will say it again, thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult and extraordinary times!

Be safe, be healthy and have fun,

SLSC, Inc. President and Board of Directors

Sanners Lake Sportmen's Club
PO Box 1300, Lexington Park, MD 20653

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