Due to the latest government guidelines of no more than 10 people gathered in close proximity in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and to help ensure the health of our community, all organized events at the club are canceled effective immediately for a period of about two weeks (minimum of now through 31Mar2020.)  At the end of this two-week period, we will reevaluate the precautionary posture of our local and federal government to help us determine any further club precautions.


Pro-2A Activist Workshop

These workshops provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to become more effective in advocating for your second amendment civil rights here in Maryland.

 If you believe that your second amendment rights are important, then this workshop is ideal for you.

 If you believe that we can do a better job in working within the political system to defend and expand our 2A rights here in Maryland, then this workshop is ideal for you.

 If you believe that you, personally, could become more valuable and effective in influencing your fellow Marylanders, then this workshop is ideal for you.

Future dates for these workshops can be arranged by contacting George Collis, (443) 668-0668, george.collis@pobox.com.

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