Archery Range

The Archery Range at Sanner's offers:

  • 3-lane 60 yd long range butts
  • 20 yard broad head pit
  • Dual 3 lane short range butts

3-D targets can be checked-out from our Office Manager from 10 - 2 Wednesday - Sunday or at other times by special arrangement.  If you are unable to get a hold of the Office Manager contact  John as a back up.

Long Range Bow Butts

 Short-Range Butts Range #1 (Broadhead #1 & Field-Points #2 and #3)

Planned for 2016

We're planning for some additions/events to the archery range this year and hope to add the following:

  • Long range broad head pit
  • Elevated target stands
  • NFAA Field Archery Match
  • NFAA Field Archery Range
  • 3-D Archery Match

 Short-Range Butts Range #2 (All Field-Points)

Hours of Operation

The Archery Range is available for use from sunrise to sunset each day of the year except when the club is closed and during special events as noted on the calendar.

Points of Contact

For additional information about the archery Range, classes or events contact:

  • Brian: Range Manager or
  • John: Director of Archery

Upcoming events

    • 12 Jan 2017
    • (EST)
    • 14 Dec 2017
    • (EST)
    • 11 sessions
    • SLSC Clubhouse
    • BoD and members meeting to discuss club business. 
    • Everyone is encouraged to come out and have input into their club.

    **Note - All ranges are CLOSED during the general meeting.

    • 05 Aug 2017
    • 05 Nov 2017
    • 3 sessions
    • SLSC Clubhouse, Archery Range & Trail

    MD DNR Hunter Education Class - Traditional Classroom Format.

    1. Minors under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
    2. On the first day of class, a booklet will be distributed, called todays hunter. We will use that booklet to teach the remainder of class, and to be taken home as a study guide.
    3. The course will begin at 9am, please be flexible on the departure time, as we will have a lot of material to cover: a classroom review, field walk, live fire, and 50 question test. Attendance is required both days.
    4. You will participate in a lecture covering hunter ethics, basic firearm safety and handling, and tree stand safety.
    5. You must successfully complete a 50 question Maryland specific exam with a minimum score of 80%.
    6. You must participate in field exercises which will include firearms handling and live firing. You will be evaluated in each of these activities. These activities take place outside, so dress accordingly.
    7. Students will not bring firearms and ammunition to the workshop. Firearms, ammunition, eye and ear protection will be furnished. If you prefer, you may bring your own ear and eye protection.
    8. Upon successful completion of all of the above and approval of the instructors you will be issued a Certificate of Competency in Firearm Safety and safe hunting practices which allows you to purchase a hunting license.
    9. This traditional class is free of any costs to the student.
    10. An online resource can be used to study in advance, . Do not take the online test, There is a cost of $15 to take the final test, which is not valid for this class (we give the test for free).
    • 08 Nov 2017
    • 8:00 AM (EST)
    • 12 Nov 2017
    • 5:00 PM (EST)
    • Entire Grounds EXCEPT Shotgun Range

    This is the USPSA Maryland State Champion ship Match.  It will cover all the grounds of Sanner’s Lake Sportsmen’s Club except for the shotgun Range.

    The set up for this match will be at the Rifle Range, Archery Range, Dynamic Pistol Pits and the Bulls Eye Pistol Range.  Set up will start on WEDNESDAY at 8:00 am.  Once complete the people whom helped set up and will RO’s for this match get to shoot the match.

    THURSDAY the Archery Range and Pistol Pits will be set up and will remain closed through the match. FRIDAY the Rifle Range and the Bulls Eye Range will be set up and remain closed through the end of the match. There will be vendors on site though if you wish to come watch the match and see what the vendors might have for sale. 

    FRIDAY - SUNDAY is the Match.  A safety briefing will be give around 8:30 AM each morning and if you miss this meeting you may not be allowed to shoot the match.

    The grounds of Sanner’s Lake Sportsmen’s Club will be closed FRIDAY - SUNDAY.  Only Exception is the SHOTGUN RANGE.

    • 25 Nov 2017
    • 07 Jan 2018
    • 2 sessions
    • SLSC


    Main grounds and ranges open 9AM-3PM ONLY due to hunting season. Shotgun Range not affected.

    The gate will be locked at 3:15PM you MUST be off the grounds BEFORE 3:15PM.

    • 25 Dec 2017
    • 12:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EST)
    • Entire Grounds

    Closed - Merry Christmas Everyone!

Past events

22 Jul 2017 USAA Youth Archery Class (Clubhouse & Archery Range)
08 Jul 2017 DNR Bow HunterCourse (Archery Range&Trail)
24 Jun 2017 ***CANCELED***USAA Youth Archery Class (Clubhouse & Archery Range)
03 Jun 2017 Greenwing Event (Entire Grounds except Bullseye and ShotgunRange)
20 May 2017 Spring Club Clean Up Day (Entire Grounds)
04 May 2017 IDPA State Match (All Ranges EXCEPT SG Range)
29 Apr 2017 ***Postponed***Spring Club Clean Up Day (Entire Grounds)
23 Apr 2017 USAA Level-1 Archery Instructor Certification Class (Clubhouse & Archery Range)
22 Apr 2017 Rimfire Steel Outlaw Trophy Match (Dyn Pits 1-5, Archery Range)
01 Apr 2017 DNR Hunter Ed Internet Course Field Day (Clubhouse, Archery Range&Trail)
11 Mar 2017 USAA Introductory / Basic Archery Class (Classroom & Archery Range)
09 Feb 2017 Chesapeake Cup Match IDPA (All Ranges EXCEPT Shotgun Range)
25 Dec 2016 Closed for Christmas (Entire Club)
26 Nov 2016 Main Grounds and Ranges Limited Hours (9AM-3PM ONLY)
09 Nov 2016 USPSA Maryland State Championships (Entire Grounds see the description EXCEPT Shotgun Range)
13 Oct 2016 Annual Club Meeting (Hollywood Firehouse Bingo Hall)
01 Oct 2016 Gateway to Gold (Entire Grounds)
13 Aug 2016 DNR Trad. Hunter Ed Class(Clubhouse Archery Range&Trail)
04 Jul 2016 Renewals Due!
04 Jun 2016 Greenwing Event (Entire Grounds except Bullseye and Dynamic Pits)
14 May 2016 USA Archery Level-1 Instructor Course (Archery Range and Trail)
05 May 2016 IDPA State Match (All Ranges EXCEPT SG Range)
30 Apr 2016 Spring Club Clean Up Day (Entire Grounds)
23 Apr 2016 DNR Bow HunterCourse (Archery Range&Trail)
30 Mar 2016 Archery Range Closed
12 Mar 2016 DNR Hunter Ed Internet Course Field Day (Clubhouse, Archery Range&Trail)
04 Feb 2016 Chesapeake Cup Match IDPA (All Ranges EXCEPT Shotgun Range)
14 Jan 2016 Monthly Club Meeting (Clubhouse)

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