NRA Approved High Power Rifle National Match Course

The most popular form of organized rifle-only competitive shooting in the United States is NRA High Power Competition. High Power Competition encompasses primarily Service Rifle and Match Rifle.  Every NRA High Power Rifle match for which classification records are kept is a multiple or a combination of one or more strings of fire.  Apart from a sling, there are no mechanical crutches in High Power--your arms and body must support the full weight of the rifle as you engage the target from a variety of positions. High Power matches now allow both optical sights as well as traditional iron sights. Nonetheless, good eyesight is still a must, as is training and overall fitness.

Recently we have instituted a modest award program for our high power rifle matches.  Two types of awards will be given: metal pins (if they are available) in the shape of the high power rifles we generally compete with and certificates redeemable for an entry fee in our subsequent high power rifle matches.

The entry fee certificate will be the award for this discipline.  Three certificates will be awarded, one for High Overall, one for High Match Rifle and one for High Service Rifle.

Latest Match Report


SLSC NRA Approved High Power Rifle NMC   

                                                                          Match Report and Results Bulletin

                                                                                         28 October 2023

 The weather was just perfect for the high power rifle match on Saturday. Turnout was low again but those of us who were there participated in or witnessed a spirited competition. This was the last NRA sanctioned match of the year. Next months match is the popular vintage military rifle match.

 Greg and Mark had a really close competition and Greg finally got the upper hand in his best performance to date with his scoped AR-15 ending up as Match Winner. He shot well in every stage, especially in the grueling prone slow fire stage with that 190-2x. Greg just received a Marksman classification card from the NRA in July but I expect to see him receive a Sharpshooter card sometime before next season depending upon how quickly the NRA processes this season’s scores. His score Saturday fell into the Expert range.  Mark stuck with his trusty iron sighted AR-15 and shot a 456-2x to win High Matallic Sights honors which surprised no one.

 Dave and Beau were both first timers shooting this discipline and they both seemed to have a good time. I expect to see considerable improvement as they shoot more matches, get used to the match procedures and get their rifles tuned up and dialed in. Shooting these rifle competitions will make a better marksman out of you if you stick with it.  

See all the details in the match report linked below.

Our next match will be a Vintage Military Rifle match on November 18th..   More details will be sent out as the date approaches. You have plenty of time to get to the range and get your chosen vintage rifle dialed in at 100 yards

  My thanks to the faithful few shooters who showed up for their support and help in putting on the match.

 Dick Chadwick, Match Director                                                               



More Info

Match Director

Match Description

  • This is a 50 round course of fire with up to 5 sighting rounds allowed prior to firing for record. NRA rules will be followed. Metallic or optical sights are allowed. You will be firing from the prone, standing and sitting or kneeling positions.
  • Contact Dick for a copy of the match program which contains detailed match, equipment and match entry fee information.
  • More information on getting started in High Power competition can be found on the NRA website.


  • Open to the public.  Contact the match director if you have not shot an HPR match at SLSC previously.



  • 4th Saturday of the Month; April, June, August and October.
  • Match begins at 9AM.  Check-in between 8-8:30AM.


  • Everyone but Juniors - $10 (Includes NRA classification fee)
  • Juniors (under 21) free

Equipment Needed:

  • Center fire rifle (required)
  • 50 rounds ammunition, plus 5 sighting rounds (required)
  • Spotting scope (optional, but very helpful)
  • Shooting coat (optional)
  • Shooting glove (optional)
  • Shooting mat (optional)

Course of Fire Details

  • National Match Course consists of:
    • Sighting shots: Up to 5 rounds in 5 minutes, SR-1 target.
    • Standing slow fire: 10 rounds in 10 minutes, SR-1 target.
    • Sitting/kneeling rapid fire: 10 rounds in 60 seconds, reloading magazine once, SR-1 target.
    • Prone rapid fire: 10 rounds in 70 seconds, reloading magazine once, SR-21 target.
    • Prone slow fire: 20 rounds in 20 minutes, MR-31 target.
    At SLSC this course of fire is shot at 100 yards using reduced targets (equivalent to shooting at 200/300 and 600 yards).                                     


  • General scoring is as follows, with details in the rules link below:
    • Each string of 10 shots will be shot on a separate target.
    • Point value of the ring for each shot will be totaled (maximum of 100 per target).
    • Number of X's will be noted.
    • Holes touching a higher value ring are given the higher value.
    • Firing fewer than required number of shots will be scored as misses.
    • Firing more than the required number of shots and more than 10 hits are on the target, with no cross firing evident,  the 10 hits of the lowest value will be recorded for that string (or the low 20 hits in the prone slow fire stage).


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