On May 8, the SLSC grounds and ranges reopened after a 5-week shutdown. We are still operating under COVID-19 safety guidelines and the current operating rules are posted as you swipe in and at each of the ranges and on the website under the COVID-19 Info page. Most significant is the limit of 10 persons on the range. These restrictions may lesson as we progress to full operation. The board will notify members of any changes as they occur. The board is also looking into rehosting events. Watch the calendar and your email for event announcements.


NRA Handgun Training

Sanner's Lake offers a variety of handgun training courses.  As with all of our training these classes are nearly always open to the public.  However our members receive priority for registration and receive significant discounts on pricing.

See the SLSC Calendar for the dates when we are offering these classes, as well as for registration instructions.

Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL) Training:   Since November 2013 this training is required for most Marylanders who want to purchase handguns.  Our HQL training FAR exceeds the baseline requirements of the state.  We provide all materials including firearms and ammunition for this class.  We offer this training at very reasonable costs in order to prevent the Firearms Safety Act of 2013 from becoming a de-facto ban.   

NRA Basics of Pistol Training Course:  This course is an excellent introduction to handguns.   Even longtime shooters tell us that they have learned a lot of value from taking this course.   Our class also meets the requirements of the Maryland HQL training.   We provide all materials including firearms and ammunition for this class.

Maryland Wear & Carry Permit Training:   Although many Marylanders believe that it is impossible for us to receive a Wear & Carry Permit in this state.  Believe it or not, that is no longer accurate.   SLSC offers the training and support in applying for your permit and our students have been very successful in receiving their permits.   This is NOT an introductory course and requires students to be safe and competent with their firearms an equipment.

Wear & Carry Practice Days & Refresher Training:  For you Club-members who hold valid permits to carry concealed defensive firearms, we are offering a number of events where you can sharpen and hone your skills under the oversight of trained and certified instructors.  The NRA recommends that personnel who carry defensive firearms practice at least monthly.  This training can also count towards the renewal training for MD W&C.

NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home (PPITH) / Personal Protection Outside The Home (PPOTH) Training Classes:  These are the NRA's basic self-defense courses.  These courses are NOT introductory courses and require students to be safe and competent with their firearms an equipment.  See here for course descriptions.

NRA Instructor Certification Training:   We offer certification training for personnel who are already experienced and skilled in both handgun operation and instruction.  

For questions on any of our handgun training programs, please contact SLSC Training Coordinator John Mountjoy, sannerstraining@gmail.com, (301) 904-6156.

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