Military Woodstock

Open to wooden-stocked long guns used in military service by any nation prior to 1961.  Iron sights and/or peeps acceptable as long as representative of a standard service configuration.   No scopes or optics of any kind.  Krags, Springfields, Carcanos, Mausers, Mosins, Winchester ’94, Thompsons, Garands, M1 Carbines, Trench Guns (slugs only) and the ever-popular Matchlock are all good candidates.  As long as it was standard military issue.  You wanna shoot your civil war musket and try to obscure the targets for the rest of us?  Fine, as long as you can load and shoot 10 times in 10 minutes!
And no, a 1996 Winchester model 70 is NOT allowed even though it has military roots with the Mauser.  Match Director has final say!  Loaner rifles may be provided with advance notice. 

See below for More Info and our Upcoming Matches.

Current Match Report

Sanner’s Lake Woodstock Match Report – October 2020

It was a fittingly gorgeous autumn day for the last Woodstock match of the year at Sanner’s Lake, as seven riflemen put themselves and their vintage shooting irons to the test to see how they stacked up against the competition.  Once again Jonathan Ramsey and his Schmidt-Rubin ended up at the top of the heap, pulling ahead of Paul Stephens and his Lee-Enfield in both the combined and individual score categories.  Nathaniel Swift and his Kar98 put on a strong showing to take third place combined, while Asher Maroot won the battle of the Inland M1 Carbines, squeaking by Ed Thompson in a back-and-forth race.  Mike DiZebba hadn’t planned to shoot the match but in the spirit of Woodstock Jonathan Ramsey offered a loaner Garand and some ammo and Mike put them to good use with at least one excellent score before the brutal late afternoon October sun wreaked havoc on his sight picture.  Hopefully we’ll see him back next year with his own Garand!  Meanwhile, Mark Swierczek struggled to get his freshly rebuilt M1 carbine settled down and zeroed up, with vertical stringing causing nothing but frustration all day.  At least they all ended up on the paper, if not the scoring rings.  Looks like it’s time for more teardown and troubleshooting this winter!

Thanks to everybody for supporting the program and keeping the old warhorses on the range and in the black.  We’ll pick it up again next spring; keep an eye on the club calendar for details!

Upcoming Woodstock Matches

Top Scores

Combined Three Target Score

Ling X - M1 Garand - 295-10X 
(September 2016)

Individual Target Score

Chris M - Springfield M1903A3 - 100-3X
(July 2017)

More Info

Match Description
  • Three strings of ten shots each at an SR-21 target at 100 yards.   Each string lasts ten minutes.  Total of thirty rounds/thirty minutes plus sighters.   
  • Open to the public.  Non-members coordinate with match director for gate access.



  • 3rd Thursday of the Month; March – October
  • Schedule: 3:30 - gate opens for setup and sign in. First relay: 4:00 - sighters. 4:15 - match starts. 4:55 - match complete.  Second relay: 5:00 - sighters. 5:15 - match starts. 5:55 - match complete.


  • SLSC members and non-members $3


  • Just one: wooden-stocked long guns used in military service by any nation prior to 1961.  Iron sights and/or peeps acceptable as long as representative of a standard service configuration. No scopes or optics of any kind!

Equipment Needed:

  • 30 rounds ammunition (required) , plus sighting rounds (optional)
  • Spotting scope (optional, but very helpful)
  • Front rest and rear bag if desired - no one-piece rests

Course of Fire Details

  • NRA SR-21 targets at 100 yards. 
  • Three strings of 10 shots in 10 minutes. 
  • Thirty shots total plus sighters.


  • 100 points possible for each string, 300 points total.
  • Shooters ranked by highest individual score and highest combined score.
  • Ties broken by X's, then by highest individual string (for combined scores), then by fewest hits of lowest value. 
  • As above.  Match director as the final say for any judgment calls!

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