Military Woodstock

This match is for those nearly-forgotten (but not by us!) classic wooden-stocked long guns used in any aspect of military service prior to 1961.  Krags, Springfields, Carcanos, Mausers, Mosins, Thompsons, Garands, M1 Carbines, Trench Guns (slugs only), BARs, caplocks, flintlocks, wheel locks, and even matchlocks are all good candidates as long as some military in some country used it in some capacity.  You wanna blast away with your civil war musket and try to obscure the targets for the rest of us?  Fine, as long as you can load and shoot 10 times in 10 minutes!  No gun-mounted scopes or optics...iron sights only.  Peep or aperture sights acceptable.  No sporterized or "bubba" guns.  No composite stocks or bedded actions.  Reproductions are acceptable as long as they are reasonably representative of service issue.  All SLSC restrictions apply (e.g. no 50BMG, full auto, etc).  Check with the match director if you have any questions.    

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Current Match Report

Sanner’s Lake Woodstock Match Report – October 2023

A crisp autumn afternoon greeted the five shooters who made it to the last Vintage Military “Woodstock” match of the year at Sanner’s Lake, and once again there were no ‘03 Springfields or Garands on the line!  Instead we were greeted with a fascinating assortment of noteworthy rifles from various places around the globe, all being put to good use in the heat of competition.  When the smoke cleared, it was the Italian and Belgian rifles leading the pack, with the German designs close behind.  And right in the middle was Greg Banta’s pipsqueak M1 Carbine, holding its own against the big guns!  Greg was no doubt getting his sights dialed in for the annual SLSC “Frozen Chosin” match in the January timeframe, and judging by his ever-increasing score he should be in good shape.  See all the scores and details in the match report linked below.  Thanks to the shooters who supported our matches this year and kept their vintage military rifles shooting straight and true.  We’ll pick it up again next year; keep an eye on the club calendar for dates and times.  Also don’t forget the aforementioned Frozen Chosin match coming early next year, probably in the January timeframe...more details to come as they become available.  See you next year!   

More Info

Match Description
  • Three strings of ten shots each at an SR-21 target at 100 yards. Each string lasts ten minutes. Score and repair targets in between each string.  Total of thirty rounds/thirty minutes for score plus sighters.   
  • Open to the public.  Non-members coordinate with match director for gate access.



  • 3rd Thursday of the Month; March – October
  • Schedule: 3:15 - gate opens for setup and sign in. First relay: sighters at 4:00, shooting for score starts around 4:15.  Second relay (if needed): sighters at 5:15, shooting for score starts around 5:30.


  • $3


  • Just one: wooden-stocked long guns used in military service by any nation prior to 1961. Iron sights only. No gun-mounted scopes or optics.  

Equipment Needed:

  • 30 rounds ammunition (required) , plus sighting rounds (optional)
  • Spotting scope (optional, but very helpful)
  • Front rest and rear bag if desired - no one-piece rests

Course of Fire Details

  • NRA SR-21 targets at 100 yards. 
  • Three strings of 10 shots in 10 minutes. 
  • Thirty shots total plus sighters.


  • 100 points possible for each string, 300 points total.
  • Shooters ranked by highest individual score and highest combined score.
  • Ties broken by X's, then by highest individual string (for combined scores), then by fewest hits of lowest value. 
  • As above. Match director as the final say for any judgment calls!

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