Rimfire Steel Challenge

The Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association (RCSA) Rimfire Challenge is a .22LR rifle and pistol program created to introduce new people to the shooting sports and provide a pathway to shooting competition.  Quality matches allow both new and experienced shooters to excel at the fun sport of shooting steel targets using .22LR pistol and rifles.

If you’d like to get started in shooting competition, have fun with your family or just want to get more comfortable shooting a pistol and rifle, the Rimfire Challenge is perfect for you.  Our experienced shooters are very willing to help new shooters out no matter what your experience level. See below in the More Info section on match details.

Don’t let equipment keep you from coming out – we have loaner pistols and rifles just send an email to the match POC.  We are happy to get someone started in the sport we love.

More Info

Match Director

Match Description

    • Shoot 5-7 steel plates in the order described as fast as possible with pistol (7-10 yds) and rifle (10-15 yds).  More details are in Course of Fire below.
    • OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – all ages, under 18 with an adult. ALL skill levels from Novices* to experienced shooters.
*Novices - First time shooting Rimfire Challenge.  Check out our Novice Info which will hopefully answer all your questions but if not, feel free to contact the match directors with any questions.



    • Last Sunday of the Month; March – October
    • Set up begins at 7:30AM (all are welcome to help)
    • Sign-in from 8-8:30AM
    • Safety Briefing at 8:45AM
    • Match starts at 9AM


    • SLSC members $5
    • Non-members $10
    • Active duty military $5
    • Youth/Juniors, Novices, Wounded Warriors and Paralympians FREE.

Age (Special Recognition) Categories

    • YOUTH – 12 and under
    • JUNIOR – 13-17
    • ADULT – 18-64
    • SENIOR – 62+


    • OPEN – semi-auto pistol and rifle with optics
    • LIMITED – semi-auto pistol and rifle with iron sights
    • COWBOY/GIRL* – single action revolver and manually operated rifle
    • MANUALLY OPERATED* – double action revolver and manually operated rifle

*Note: Not technically Divisions per RCSA rules but Cowboy/Girl is a Special Recognition Category and our club recognizes Manually Operated as long as the requirement for 3 participants is met.

Equipment Needed:

    • .22LR pistol:  Semi-auto or revolver with 5 magazines or speedloaders. 
    • .22LR rifle:  Semi-auto, lever, or pump with 5 magazines or tube loader.
    • Magazines:  For match efficiency please try to have 5 loaded magazines or speedloaders for each firearm prior to starting the stage. If you don’t have 5 contact match director to see if they can loan you more or let squad safety officer know and someone will reload for you when you are up.
    • Ammo:  up to 11 rounds per string or approximately 400 rounds max. 

Course of Fire Details

    • 6 stages - 3 pistol and 3 rifle stages.
    • 5 strings are shot on each stage, each timed separately and reloads are NOT on the clock. Best 4 strings count.
    • Start position is pointing firearm at cone on the ground about halfway between table and steel.
    • Sight picture with an unloaded firearm is permitted but finger must remain off the trigger while taking a sight picture.
    • While stationary, shoot the steel plates in the order as described by the stage description with the last shot on the Stop Plate.
    • Maximum of 11 shots per string.


    • 2 second penalty for missed plated
    • 30 second penalty for missing stop plate
    • 2 second penalty for foot fault or false start
    • Maximum time per string is 30 seconds
    • Worst string for each stage is dropped
    • Final score is total of all strings and any penalties for pistol and rifle combined
    • Fastest time wins with Division and Special Recognition categories

Upcoming events

Halloween Fun

Stage 1 - "No Bones About It" - Shoot the plates in any order but the skull plates were 'no shoots'.  If you hit a skull plate it was a 2 sec penalty!


Stage 2 - "The Walking Dead" - Shoot the plates in any order.  By the time the third squad reached the zombie he was getting quite shot up!

Stage 3 - "Gaggle of Ghosts" - Shoot in order (far left, far right, left, right then stop plate).

Stage 4 - "Skull  Shoot the plates left to right and then the left stop plate for strings 1 and 2.  Then shoot right to left and the right stop plate for strings 3 and 4.  Then shooters choice on string 5.

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