Wobble is an exciting clay shooting game that is fun for shooters at all experience levels.  If you are new to shooting clays, wobble is a great place to get started.  Like many clay games, wobble consists of 25 targets or a standard box of target shells.  Because of the distances involved in the game, 12 gauge shotguns are the primary choice of most shooters, but some shooters opt for smaller gauges (20 gauge is very common).

The game of wobble is played on a 5-Stand field.  A 5-Stand field is made up of a row of 5 shooting stations equally spaced in a straight line perpendicular to the shooting field.  The 5-Stand field at SLSC (like fields at many other clubs) has shooting platforms at 3 different elevations (highest at the middle station and stepping down toward the outer stations).  During a game of wobble trap, a single trap (clay thrower) is placed underneath the center shooting station.  During the game, the trap “wobbles” or oscillates widely both side to side and up and down creating random clay flight paths.

Upcoming events


Advance sign up is not required. 

Gate opens 15 mins prior to start time - see calendar for days and times.

Last squad will start 15 minutes before session end time.

Questions can about Wobble events can be directed to the Shotgun Range Director - Wes Cory:

Event Information

Range Director

Shotgun Range Officers (ROs) are responsible for running of the Skeet event. The ROs are identified with a red towel worn on their vest.
    • Open to the public.  A good clay sport for beginners to start with.



    • 2nd Sunday of the month, year round - 9AM start
    • In the event of foul weather, contact Range Director to see if range will be open or closed


    • SLSC members $6 per round of 25
    • Non-members $8 per round of 25

    Equipment Needed:

    • Firearm: 12 ga is most common but smaller gauges will work too.
    • Shell pouch
    • Ammo:  #7.5, #8 or #9 shot shells (25 per round)

    Course of Fire Details

    • The game is played with a single shooter at each of the 5 stations.  
    • Starting from the left station, each shooter, in turn, shoots at a single clay.
    • This is followed by a report pair for each shooter, and
    • Finally a true pair. 
    • After all shooters have shot all 5 shots, the RO ensures that all actions are open and guns are empty. 
    • All shooters then rotate 1 station to the right with the far right station rotating to the far left station.  The shooting sequence and rotations continue until all shooters have shot all 5 shots at all 5 stations for a total of 25 shots.


    • A point for every clay broken.  25 is a perfect score for a round.

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