Rifle Range

The Rifle Range provides 3+ position (prone, bench, kneeling/sitting, and standing/off hand) on a covered,  8-station, 
fully-baffled range, with target frame supports provided at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards for paper targets.

Sand berms are provided for use of steel targets at 40, 60, 77 meters during authorized matches only.  Single target frame supports are also provided at these distances for sighting-in purposes.  

All rimfire and centerfire cartridges are allowed at the rifle range up to (but not including) .50 BMG.

Pistol shooting is allowed at the rifle range provided all rifle range rules are followed.

A firing-line shed offers shelter to the shooters.

The firing line is wheel-chair accessible and an AED is available at this range.

Note: sitting and prone shooting are allowed at the rifle range with the following restrictions:

1.  All shooting from sitting and prone must be done utilizing the shooting platforms provided. Additional platforms are available in the blue shipping container. Two will remain in place unless there are not enough lanes for bench shooters. Please ensure that there are two in place on lanes 3 and 6 when leaving the range so the next solitary prone shooter won't have to set them up alone.

2.  All open shooting done from below 30", in any shooting position, will use the elevated platforms. Only matches/supervised events have the option to utilize the platforms or the concrete floor at the Match Directors discretion based on the the event's course of fire.

                                View of the Firing Line

                                View Down Range

Points of Contact

 Rifle Range Director: Ron Ferguson

Hours of Operation

Open Daily

Shooting hours - 9AM until 15 minutes before sunset


  • Christmas Day
  • Second Thursday of the Month at 6PM for the monthly club meeting

Prone Shooting Platforms

                                Prone Shooting Platform on the Rifle Range.

Sanners Lake Sportmen's Club
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