NRA Approved High Power Sporting Rifle Matches

The High Power Sporting Rifle match is a great introduction to NRA high power rifle competition. This course of fire is shot with any center fire rifle weighing less than 9.5 pounds and having a magazine capacity of 4 rounds or more. The 9.5 pound limit is with an empty magazine, and without a sling. The sling may be used in all positions except standing. Metallic and optical sights are both allowed. You will be in position and the rifle loaded when the command to FIRE is given in all stages of the match.

Shooting garments such as heavily padded shooting coats and gloves are not allowed to be used in sporting rifle matches. Garments, that are appropriate for the prevailing weather conditions only, are allowed. Knee, elbow and shoulder pads and pads on rifle butt stocks are allowed.

Note that we have started a modest award program for our high power rifle matches

Two types of awards will be given: metal pins (if they are available) in the shape of the high power rifles we generally compete with and certificates redeemable for an entry fee in our subsequent high power rifle matches.

The entry fee certificate will be the award in this discipline.

  • Two certificates will be awarded, one for High Optical Sights and one for High Metallic Sights.

  • No High Overall award will be awarded since almost invariably the High Optical Sight shooter is the High Overall.

Latest Match Report

SLSC High Power Sporting Rifle

Match Report

24 June 2023  

 The day started out overcast and humid and ended sunny and humid as only Southern MD in the summer can be. At least the wind was minimal. Four of the usual suspects showed up for the festivities and at the last minute Joe Mund joined us. He shoots with us from time to time and today shot his Ruger Model 77 bolt action rifle and shot it well ending up with a 297-6x which is just 3 points away from a Master class score. That was the high optical sights score. Mark once again ruled the range with a Master class score of 302-6x for Match Winner honors. Andrea shot well into the Sharpshooter class which was to be expected as she just received her classification card up-grade to Sharpshooter but calls for recognition anyways. Greg was on fire with a perfect score in the slow fire prone which was worthy of note, but things kind of cooled off after that for him as they also did with a couple of us. Glory will come eventually with patience and practice.

 Our next match will be a Vintage Military Rifle match on Saturday, 22 July.  I’ll be sending out more info on that match in the near future. If you have any questions about it before then, e-mail me and I’ll answer them. You have plenty of time to get the old war horse oiled up and sighted in before the match so do so, and get some practice in. Shoot the “Woodstock” match (details on club calendar) which is a few days before the VMR. It is a good way to get that perfect zeroing in done. We have changed the VMR rapid fire loading procedure so that every shooter will have their rifle loaded prior to the FIRE command. You still have to reload the second 5 or 8 rounds under the clock but the initial loading will not be with the clock running. You M1 Garand shooters will like that.

 Many thanks to the shooters who do show up to shoot these matches and especially to the Swierczeks who are generally the first to show up after me and the last to leave after helping put the range back into order.


 Dick Chadwick, Match Director  


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Match Description

  • This is a 32 round course of fire with up to 5 sighting rounds allowed prior to firing for record.  NRA rules will be followed.  Metallic or optical sights are allowed.  You will be firing from the prone, standing and sitting or kneeling positions.
  • See the match program which contains detailed match, equipment and match entry fee information.
  • More information on getting started in High Power competition can be found on the NRA website.


  • Open to the public.  Contact the match director if you have not shot an HPR match at SLSC previously.



  • 4th Saturday of the Month; March, May and September.
  • Match starts at 9AM.  Check in 8-8:30AM.


  • Everyone but Juniors - $10 (Includes NRA classification fee)
  • Juniors (under 21) free

Equipment Needed:

  • Center fire rifle as described above (required)
  • 32 rounds ammunition, plus 5 sighting rounds (required)
  • Spotting scope (optional, but very helpful)
  • Shooting mat (optional)

Course of Fire Details

  • Sporting Rifle Course consists of:
    • Prone slow fire: 8 rounds in 8 minutes
    • Prone rapid fire: 8 rounds fired in two 4 round strings, 30 seconds per string
    • Sitting/kneeling rapid fire: 8 rounds fired in two 4 round strings, 30 seconds per string
    • Standing slow fire: 8 rounds in 8 minutes
    • The SR-1 target is used for all stages of the Sporting Rifle course of fire. The course of fire is shot at 100 yards.


  • General scoring is as follows, with details in the rules link below:
    • Each string of 8 shots will be on a separate target.
    • Point value of the ring for each shot will be totaled (maximum of 80 points per target).
    • Number of X's will be noted.
    • Holes touching a higher value ring are given the higher value.
    • Firing fewer than required number of shots will be scored as misses.
    • Firing more than the required number of shots and more than 8 hits are on the target, with no cross firing evident,  the 8 hits of lowest value will be recorded for that string.


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