Rimfire Sporter Rifle Match

The Rimfire Sporter Match is a recreation-oriented competition using smallbore sporter rifles such as small game or "plinking" rifles commonly owned by almost all gun enthusiasts. This is a classic three-position match where all you need is a rifle and ammo, although additional equipment such as a shooting mat, extra magazines and a spotting scope are helpful. The course of fire is straightforward so that new shooters can successfully complete it while experienced shooters will still find it interesting and challenging. Firing is done at 50 and 25 yards on a target with a 1.78" ten-ring and an 18" outer one-ring. The target is large enough for a beginner to hit, yet challenging enough that only one competitor in the history of the match has ever fired a perfect score. See below for more info including our upcoming matches. Additional info can be found in the CMP Rimfire Sporter Rifle Guide.  Note that rimfire sporter matches at SLSC are not CMP-sanctioned so we allow some flexibility with regard to match rules and procedures, e.g. starting position, trigger pull weight, alibi reshoots, etc.  

Current Match Results

Sanner’s Lake Rimfire Sporter Match Report

May 11th, 2024

Unusually cool and crisp weather greeted six shooters who made it out to the May Rimfire Sporter Match at Sanner’s Lake, the first such match of the 2024 season.  But it didn’t take long for everybody to blow the cobwebs off and get down to business, as the scores started climbing fast and furious!  Matt Reider notched a couple of quick 100’s to grab a 2 point lead early on and then held on for a nail-biter finish to take first place at the end of the day with an excellent 588-27X.  Further down the standings quite a few scores were in the mid-to-high 500’s keeping the competition tight across the board.  See all the scores and details below. 

Rimfire Sporter Match Report May 2024.docx

The next match will be on June 8th; grab your rimfire rifle and see if you can climb the leader board!


More Info

  • OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – all ages, under 18 with an adult. ALL skill levels from Novices* to experienced shooters.
*Novices - First time shooting a CMP Rimfire Sporter Rifle Match



  • 2nd Saturday of the Month; May – October
  • Setup starts at 8 am, match starts at 9 am.  Non-members contact match director to coordinate gate access.


  • $3


  • Optic:  Conventional rimfire rifles equipped with telescopic/optical sights, maximum 6X magnification. 
  • Irons:  Convention rimfire rifles equipped with traditional notch or aperture rear sights and front post or bead sights.

General Rules:

  • Rifles must weigh 7.5 pounds or less with sights on, slings off and with one magazine (if the rifle has a detachable magazine). 

  • Triggers on all Rimfire Sporter rifles must be capable of lifting a three-pound (3lbs.) weight when cocked.

  • Rifles may be manually operated or semi-automatic.
  • Shooters with manually operated actions are given extra time in rapid-fire to compensate for the slower action.

Course of Fire Details

  • The match starts with 5 min (or longer if needed) for sighting shots at 50 yards, followed by:
  • Ten shot slow-fire string in the prone position (50 yards).
  • Two five-shot rapid-fire strings in the prone position (50 yards).
  • Ten shot slow-fire string in the sitting or kneeling position (50 yards).
  • Two five-shot rapid-fire strings in the sitting or kneeling position (50 yards).
  • Ten shot slow-fire string in the standing position (25 yards).
  • Two five-shot rapid-fire strings in the standing position (25 yards).


  • CMP B-19 targets at either 50 yards (prone and sitting stages) or 25 yards (standing stages)
  • 10 shots each on six targets total for a maximum score of 600.


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