Practical-Tactical Shotgun Match

Similar to an IDPA match but firearm used is a shotgun. Stages include steel and clay targets.  One stage is usually a “Walk and Stalk" stage where targets are engaged from shooting boxes with no preview of the stage (blind).   Most stages will have about 12 targets and the "Walk and Stalk" up to 25.  Reloads are on the clock and minimum 5 round capacity shotgun but no maximum limit on capacity.  Hunting and home defense shotguns are welcome.  Please remove plugs from hunting shotguns to allow 5 shells (4+1) to be loaded. See below in the More Info section for additional match information.

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Current Match Results

Sanners Practical-Tactical Shotgun Match (September 2019)

What a day for a match! the squads may have been small, but the competition was not. after the dust settled and the last shotgun hull fell to the ground, it was Tim H taking the overall top spot as well as top open semi-auto shotgun. behind him was Jeremy D taking second place overall and first place open pump shotgun. Lynn R took 3rd place overall. Nate W took first place in the limited pump category and Jake S took first place in the limited semi-auto category. The results are posted here:

There were several new faces today. I hope they had a good time and will return next year as this match was the last one of the year.

And a special thanks goes out to the RSOs & volunteers that donate their time to not only run this match, but show up early to set up the stages. Without them, this match would not exist. It's not easy moving & setting up steel, but I hope the reward of shooting the match is enough to keep them coming back.

Thank you everyone for tearing down the stages. it makes our lives easier and is appreciated.

Your T-PSG match directors,
Joe & Jake

A typical practical shotgun stage. Poppers hiding behind barrels requiring different shooting locations to engage all the targets.

More Info

Match Directors

    Match Description

    • Typically 5 stages with a combination of clay and steel targets.  May include Texas Star, poppers, plate rack or flipping targets as well.


    • Open to the public.
    • Never shot a Practical-Tactical Shotgun match before?  See our Novice Info.



    • 4th Sunday of March, June and September
    • Match begins at 9AM; sign in between 8:00-8:45 AM


    • SLSC members $10
    • Non-members $15


      • Hunter - Division capacity:  5 rounds or less. Sub classes of pump and semi-auto.
      • Limited - Division capacity:  6 to 9 rounds. Sub classes of pump and semi-auto.
      • Open - Division capacity:  greater than 9 rounds. Sub classes of pump and semi-auto.
      • Det-Mag - Division capacity - any. Detachable magazine. Sub classes of pump and semi-auto.

      Equipment Needed:

      • Firearm: Pump or semi-auto shotgun.  No maximum limit. Hunting and home defense shotguns are welcome.  Please remove plugs from hunting shotguns to allow 5 shells (4+1) to be loaded.
      • Shell holders or pouches for reloads.
      • Empty chamber indicator flag or case for shotgun.
      • Ammo:  approximately 100 rounds of #6, 7.5, 8 or 9 shot.  Check match announcement for minimum round count and always bring extra as make up shots are allowed. 

      Course of Fire Details

      • At the line with safety on, upon direction from Safety Officer load as described in course description.
      • Safety remains on until start signal.
      • At start signal proceed through course as described.
      • Safety on for reloads and reloads may be performed on the move. No limit on number of rounds loaded during a reload.
      • Upon finishing, unload, show clear and insert chamber flag.


      • Total time for each stage.
      • Time added for missed targets may vary depending upon the stage and will be briefed with the stage description.
      • Additional penalties may be assessed (ie failing to flip the spinner) and will be noted in the Safety Brief.
      • Match score is combined time of all stages less penalties and missed targets.


      • Follows the safety rules of IDPA.

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