Pistol Ranges

The 25-yard Pistol Bullseye Range provides 10 shooting lanes for static shooting of paper targets with handguns or rifles (chambered in pistol calibers or rimfire only) from the bench rest and offhand / standing positions. One of the shooting lanes (lane 3) is wheelchair accessible with a lower shooting bench option, as shown below under Accessible Lanes. The firing line is covered to provide partial shelter from the elements. Bimetallic and/or steel core projectiles are prohibited at the bullseye range to prevent structural damage to the baffling system and terminal berms (note: bullseye range only).

There are five Dynamic Shooting Bays of various lengths, which are used for approved events/official matches (e.g. USPSA, IDPA, Rimfire Steel, Bowling Pins, etc.), training programs, and by those members with approved Dynamic Pit qualifications. More information for certification to use the pits is contained within the SLSC SOPs.

Points of Contact

Pistol Range Director:  Will Broadus

Hours of Operation

Open Daily

Shooting hours - 9AM until 15 minutes before sunset


  • Christmas Day
  • Second Thursday of the Month at 6PM for the monthly club meeting

Accessible Lanes

Bullseye Range Alignment Aids

Alignment Aids:

  • Red Tabs - Line up the red tab on the top of your target frame with the red tabs on your target lane.  Then stand centered with the red line on your table.  This will help put you in proper alignment to prevent most shots into the posts. 
You still need to pay attention to your target and what is behind it.  Also verify that the target is set at the correct height for the person shooting to avoid baffle and ground strikes.
  • PVC Pipe - The PVC pipes between the lanes are to help keep you centered in your lane and avoid post strikes.

If the range is not busy you are allowed to remove the brass deflector screen (the left screen in the photo above) and PVC pipe from between two lanes (ie between lanes 1 and 2; 3 and 4 etc) and shoot in the middle of two lanes.  In that case, place the target stand between the two rows of red tabs. Be sure to replace the screen and pipe when you leave.  Also, if the range becomes busy, you will need to reduce down to one lane to allow for the full capacity to shoot.

The brass deflector and PVC pipe in place dividing lanes 9 and 10.

The brass deflector and PVC pipe removed to permit shooting in the middle of lanes 9 and 10 - replace when done!

Dynamic Shooting Bays

Pit 1

Pit 2

Pit 3

Pit 4

Pit 5

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