IR 50/50 Rimfire Bench Rest Match

This match at SLSC is an officially sanctioned USRA-IR50/50 match.  IR 50/50 is a bench rest match shot with a scoped .22LR rifles at either 50 meters or 50 yards.  There are 25 targets shot within 30 minutes.  One shot per target square is allowed.  Sighting shots may be taken in the sighter targets. Three relays (target sheets) per match are shot.  There are three match types - 3-gun, Sporter and Unlimited.  A 3-gun match is shot with a different class gun (Sporter, 10.5 lbs and 13.5 lbs) for each of the three relays in a match. The Sporter and Unlimited match shoots all three relays with the Sporter or Unlimited classed guns, respectively. More information can be found at the IR 50/50 website.

Current Match Report

 Sanner’s Lake IR5050-style Rimfire Bench Rest Match Report
1 July 2018
Weather: Hot and humid!

Given the hot and humid weather it wasn’t surprising that the turnout was light for the July IR5050-style match at Sanner’s Lake, but the two competitors who made it out to the range had the place to themselves while they challenged each other for benchrest supremacy.  Both competitors were shooting newly-built/newly-acquired rifles and spent the match experimenting with ammo selection which is an ideal way to see what really performs under the stress of competition and what doesn’t.  Mark S ran his first string with CCI standard velocity and then switched to Lapua Center-X and finally Eley Tenex and saw his scores increase each time commensurate with the cost of the ammo.  Is winning a match worth the additional expense of high-end ammo?  Of course it is.  David H wasn’t far behind, though, and saw a similar increase in scores with each ammo change as the high individual score bounced back and forth between the competitors.  See all the details in the July Match Report.  The next match is scheduled for 5 August; if you have a rimfire rifle that is (or is supposed to be) “sub-MOA”, this match is the perfect opportunity to put it to the test and see if it truly measures up!

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Match Description

  • Three relays (target sheets) of 25 targets each shot over 30 mins at 50 yds with a scoped .22LR rimfire rifle from the bench rest position.

  • Open to the public.



  • First Sunday of the Month; June – November
  • Safety brief at 12:50PM
  • Match start 1:00PM


  • SLSC members $5 for one relay or $10 for three relays
  • Non-members $6 for one relay or $12 for three relays


  • SPORTER - Rifle and scope must weigh 7.5 lbs. or less. Scope must be 6.5 power or less. Variable scopes must be set at the legal power and taped by a referee. Rifle must have a detachable magazine capable of holding two round installed in the action. Stock must be made of wood and must be designed to be shoulder fired. Laminate wood is allowed and the action area may contain bedding material.
  • 10.5 LB - Rifle and scope must weigh 10.5 lbs. or under. Any scope magnification is allowed.
  • 13.5 LB - Same rules as 10.5 pound class apply. Rifle and scope must weigh 13.5 lbs. or under.
  • UNLIMITED - No weight limit on rifle. No magnification limit on scope. One-piece rests may be utilized.
  • See the rules for more details and limitations on the rifle for each class

Equipment Needed:

  • .22LR rifle in as described in one of the classes above, with sighting info for 50 yds.
  • 75 rounds .22LR ammunition plus sighting rounds (for all three relays).  Ammunition must have lead projectile and no hand loads nor jacketed bullets permitted (required)
  • Wind flags (optional)
  • Front and rear rest (optional) Note: one-piece rest allowed only in Unlimited Division

Course of Fire Details

  • Course of fire is 25 record shots at 50 yards in 30 minutes, from the bench at one target sheet.
  • One shot per target square is permitted.
  • The target is an official USRA-IR50/50 target.
  • For a complete match three target sheets (relays) are shot.


  • If a bullet hole touches a line or X on the target bull, shooter receives the highest point. Inner most ring counts as ten points, and each succeeding ring counts one point less. Outer most ring counts as 3 points. The dot in the middle of the inner most ring counts as an X. This image shows proper scoring.
  • If more than one shot appears in target square, shooter receives lowest score minus one (1) point. If any holes are bigger than a .22 plug the lowest score will be awarded. If more than two bullet holes are larger than a .22 plug, target will be disqualified.
  • If a shot intended for a sighter crosses into a record bull square it will be scored as a record shot if it is completely within the bull square.
  • Perfect score: 250 and 25X's.


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