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Experience the excitement and competition of being a part of the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA). Practical shooting is an exciting, fun, fast action safe shooting sport where accuracy, power and speed count. USPSA courses of fire are predominantly “free-style” in nature where you are not told how to shoot the stage, just as long as you shoot it safely. Courses of Fire have multiple targets, moving targets, reactive targets, penalty targets, partially covered targets, steel targets that are engaged all while moving and negotiating obstacles. There are six distinct divisions in USPSA that you can participate in based on what kind of pistol and equipment you want to use. If you own a pistol, holster, some magazines and a few magazine pouches, you can shoot in USPSA.  Stages may consist of up to 32 shots.  Typically two classifier stages are included in each SLSC club match.

The Southern MD Practical Shooters is a USPSA affiliated club associated with SLSC and their website can be found here:  Southern MD Practical Shooters and more information on USPSA is located at the USPSA website.

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August Match Report


What a day on the range it was. We tried the Monster Match format today and it was a hoot! Lots and lots of rounds down range with many reloads. I have to say I even saw an Open Shooter reload today. I couldn't get a picture of it but, I saw at least two magazines on the ground!

 This was a great day on the range with lots of team work. Cindi T, Karen B and Mary P took care of registration and the scores today with just a few hours notice. You all kicked some butt!!! The set up crew really got together and made it happen today. They walked onto a broken range this morning and flat out transformed it into a Level II quality match in just a few hours. I never could have a match without top notch folks like you all. Then to top that they all stayed till 4:00 getting our range cleaned up and organized. 

You Bullet Slingers Rock!

As always it is a pleasure to shoot with each and everyone of you all. 

Match Results Below:

Next to the GTUL MD State Match. This is around the corner so, get your applications in as soon as possible. Last minute entries are great but, the earlier the better as we have more time to work with sponsors and get a sweet prize table built.

September - Stage 2 - The Art of Bullet Slinging

Three shots on each paper target plus 6 steel for a total of 66 rounds!

September - Stage 5

Eleven targets hidden among the barrels - 33 rounds!

September - Stage 4 - Always One in the Crowd

Eighteen paper targets and one steel - 55 rounds!

A junior shooter enjoying the Monster Match.

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Match Directors

Match Description

  • 5 to 7 challenging stages, 2 with classifiers unless otherwise scheduled.

  • Open to the public to anyone who can legally possess a firearm.  You do not have to be a member of USPSA to shoot local matches.  Major matches (e.g. State Championship) require USPSA membership.



  • 2nd Sunday of the Month; February – November 
  • Exception - Second Saturday in May
  • Match begins at 9AM.  Check-in between 8-8:45AM.


  • Everyone $30


  • Production
  • Single Stack
  • Limited 10
  • Limited
  • Open
  • Revolver
  • Carry Optics (Provisional)
  • Pistol Caliber Carbine (Proposed)
  • See Appendix D of the rule book for specifics on each division.

Equipment Needed:

  • Firearm: Minimum Caliber 9mm, Revolvers, Semi Auto Pistol, (Pistol Caliber Carbine TBD)
  • Magazines: 4 – 6 magazines
  • Ammo: You will need to bring 150 to 250 rounds. We have ammo restrictions to protect our shooters and steel targets. Ammo that has a velocity of 1600 FPS or Higher and Steel Jacketed Ammo i.e. Tulu or Wolf that has a copper washed steel jacket are prohibited.
  • Holster: specific to division (shoulder holsters are prohibited)
  • Magazine pouches: 3 to 5 depending on division
  • Active Law Enforcement may utilize duty gear

Course of Fire Details

  • Stages are 12 to 32 rounds per stage. Various targets used are cardboard Classic or Metric, and the following steel targets US Popper, Mini Popper, Texas Star, Colt Speed Steel, and Steel Plates.


    • We use three types of scoring:
      • “Comstock” – Unlimited time stops on the last shot, unlimited number of shots to be fired, stipulated number of hits per target to count for score.
      • “Virginia Count” – Unlimited time stops on the last shot, limited number of shots to be fired, stipulated number of hits per target to count for score. 
      • “Fixed Time” – Limited time, limited number of shots to be fired, stipulated number of hits per target to count for score.

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