Sanners Lake Sportmen's Club
PO Box 1300, Lexington Park, MD 20653

Rimfire Silhouette Match this Saturday 13 May at 1PM

  • 10 May 2017 8:59 PM
    Message # 4825489

    What is Rimfire Silhouette? A rimfire silhouette match consists of 40 shots fired at steel silhouette targets at four distances while standing unsupported using a scoped .22LR rifle. The course of fire consists of two strings of five targets in a row at the following distances: chickens at 40 meters; pigs at 60 meters; turkeys at 77 meters and rams at 100 meters for a total of 40 targets. Targets are shot in order from left to right, one shot per target. If a target is missed then the next shot is taken at the next target. Targets must be completely knocked off their stand to count! No extra shots or make-ups are allowed. Any target hit out of order is considered a miss. Each string of five targets lasts 2.5 minutes, with a minimum of 30 seconds between strings.

    What to bring: Scoped rimfire rifle, bolt action or semi-auto are typical. Bring your sighting dope for 40, 60 , 77 and 100 meters if you have it. Or you can just wing it! A single 5 round magazine is sufficient but two magazines is quicker if you prefer. Single loading is fine too. You'll need a minimum 40 rounds plus extra ammo for sighting in. Check the Sanners Lake website for more details.

    Match starts at 1PM, gate will open at noon if you want to get there early for sighting-in, etc. Bring your scoped rimfire rifle and join the fun! There is nothing more challenging, and yet more satisfying, than scoring a solid hit on a tiny steel target and watching it go flying.

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