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  • Tree Stand Safety Class (Clubhouse and Archery Range)

Tree Stand Safety Class (Clubhouse and Archery Range)

  • 11 Apr 2020
  • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • SLSC Clubhouse and Archery Range


  • This class is for SLSC members only as non-members are not permitted to use the tree stands.


This class is for SLSC members only to gain qualification to use the tree stand in the archery range.

Tree stand Safety:

The class will examine personal equipment that will be used, tree stand safety, suspension trauma, and specification of the elevated stands located at Sanners Lake.  After a classroom lecture, participants must score greater than 90% on a 20 question written exam, sign an injury waiver, inspect full body harness for serviceability, inspect fall arrest system for serviceability, successfully perform a self-rescue/recovery in a training environment to gain confidence in their safety equipment, and lastly properly demonstrate the proper user of archery range stands and equipment.

Upon successful completion of the curriculum, the SLSC members card will be stamped, and combination given to the stand.

Participants must bring:

  • Serviceable Full Body Harness (FBH).
  •  Fall Arrest System (FAS). The FAS must be at least 10 feet long, carabiner, and Prussic knot.
  • Extra Carabiner to lock the Fall Arrest System (FAS) into D-link.
  • Non-electronic Signaling device (whistle).
  • Haul line for equipment.
  •  Proper shoes (nothing that will fall off climbing).
  • Equipment must be rated for the owner and their equipment.
  • Equipment expires after 2019

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