Southern Maryland Two Gun

Southern Maryland Two Gun is a practical shooting match utilizing both rifle and pistols somewhat similar to an IDPA match. Rifles are limited to intermediate calibers (defined as centerfire cartridges having a muzzle energy ≤1875 ft·lbs) but handguns may be of any type, excluding rimfire. Competitors will be shooting primarily at paper targets interspersed with the occasional clay pigeon, steel, or other reactive target. While infrequent, there may be any number of "blind stages" during a match where the brief is limited and the competitor will not get the chance to see the stage before shooting. Round count per stage will vary depending on the stage and the number of targets but will not require more than one rifle reload and/or two pistol reloads. Any carbine or rifle that complies with the muzzle energy limit is welcome but the emphasis will be on home defense and duty rifles, similarly any handgun is permitted but the emphasis is on practical firearms. Round count is specific to each match but bringing 100-150 per gun is more than enough.  All sign-ups will be via Practiscore.

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Southern Maryland 2 Gun Summer Match Report


Good evening.  Thanks to everyone that showed up for the match today.  I had an awesome time (despite my score) and I hope everyone else did too.  We got super lucky with the weather.  August in Southern Maryland could be a lot worse.  

The match results are here:

Southern Maryland Two Gun Summer 2023 Match Results

Winner's Circle:

  Overall and Open - Joseph Murphy

  Ironman - Asher Maroot 

  Prepper - Michael Neal

  Tac Limited - Joshua Gaus

  Tac Scope - David Metcalfe

Special thanks to the setup crew:

·  Anibal Delgado 

·  Mark Swierczek

·  Andrea Swierczek

·  Aaron Bachman

·  Gus Hanson

·  Richard Mongello

·  Ricky Mongello

I would also like to thank Mark for running stage 5 at the rifle range.  It seems like we need to polish up our rifle zeroes and practice 50 yard pistol shots a little bit more.

Also, thanks to all of the SOs who helped out and ran the match.  

If anyone has any feedback on how the match ran, stage design, or anything else you can think of, just shoot me an email.  

The next carbine match is September 30th.  I hope to see everyone there!

-Jeremy Hanson 

Match Pictures


Shooting on uncomfortable surfaces...a necessary skill!

Sometimes the makeup shots come fast and heavy!

Cool air and hot suppressors make for great smoke signals!

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Match Directors

Match Description

  • Typically 5-10 stages of paper and other assorted targets.  May include drop-turners, swingers, clay pigeons, or other interesting shooting challenges.


  • Open to those with previous dynamic shooting experience from competition or training environments.


  • SLSC Dynamic Shooting Pits, Rifle Range, Archery Range, Woods Walk, and Bullseye range as needed.


  • One Summer and one Winter match as the SLSC calendar permits
  • Match begins at 9AM; sign in between 8:00-8:45 AM


  • SLSC members $10
  • Non-members $15
  • Children (under 18 with a paid parent/guardian/adult) and active duty Military or Law Enforcement shoot free.

  • Open division: No restrictions on equipment other than those specified above.

  • Ironman ClassOnly iron sights allowed on both rifle and pistol. Sights can be of any configuration or design provided they are metallic or equivalent and provide no visible illumination, magnification, or other optical enhancements.  No more than one set of sights allowed on either firearm. Pistol magazines must not exceed 140mm in length, rifle magazines must not be loaded above 30 rounds.

  • Tac-Limited ClassOne electronic or illuminated sight is permitted on rifles. Illuminated sights originally designed to be capable of magnification (whether used or not) are prohibited. Pistols must use iron sights as defined above. Pistol magazines must not exceed 140mm in length, rifle magazines must not be loaded above 30 rounds.

  • Tac-Scope ClassOnly one optical or electronic sight capable of magnification is permitted on rifles. Pistols must use iron sights as defined above. Pistol magazines must not exceed 140mm in length, rifle magazines must not be loaded above 30 rounds.

  • PrepperNo gear requirements or restrictions except that everything used must be carried on the competitor's person throughout every stage and during the whole day (beginning of the safety brief to the last round fired). Anything dropped or not carried is "out of play", this includes water, food, rifles, spare parts, etc., however magazines dropped during a stage may be reused. Backpacks and gear may be removed briefly between stages to retrieve necessary equipment (food, ammo, etc) provided everything stays within arm’s reach of the competitor. Asking other competitors to retrieve equipment for you from your gear is allowed.

Equipment Needed:

  • Carbine and ammunition that does not exceed the muzzle energy limit of 1875 ft·lbs
    • M855 or any “armor piercing” ammunition is prohibited
  • Handgun and ammunition that is serviceable and safe
  • At least two magazines per firearm and pouches from which to reload
  • A serviceable and safe holster that securely retains the handgun during physical activity
  • Empty chamber indicator flag.
  • Roughly 100-150 rounds of ammunition per gun.  Check match announcement for minimum round count and always bring extra as make up shots are generally allowed. 
  • YES! PCC’s, braced pistols, “firearms”, and legal AOW’s/SBR’s are allowed.
  • Suppressors are encouraged!

Course of Fire Details

  • Begin at the designated start position with empty chamber indicator inserted and pistol holstered with hammer down/striker forward on empty chamber.
  • Upon direction from Safety Officer remove empty chamber indicator or draw pistol to load firearms as described in course description.
  • At start signal proceed through course as described.
  • Reloads may be performed at the competitor’s discretion unless otherwise mandated in the stage description.
  • If finished, stop and wait for command to unload and show clear. Rifles will be flagged and pistols will be re-holstered with hammer down/striker forward on empty chamber.


  • Score will be the total time for the stage plus penalties for missed targets and rules infractions.
  • Time penalties for missed targets may vary depending upon the stage and will be briefed as part of the stage description.
  • Additional penalties may be assessed as noted in the stage brief.
  • Overall score is the combined time for each stage plus penalties.


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PO Box 1300, Lexington Park, MD 20653

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