Sanner's Carbine Classic

The Sanner’s Carbine Classic is a practical carbine match similar to an IDPA match but the firearm used is a carbine of intermediate caliber (muzzle energy ≤1875 ft·lbs). Competitors will be shooting primarily at paper targets interspersed with the occasional clay pigeon or other reactive target. While infrequent, there may be any number of "blind stages" during a match where the brief is limited and the competitor will not get the chance to see the stage before shooting. Round count per stage will vary depending on the stage and the amount of targets but will not exceed more than sixty shots required. Any carbine or rifle that complies with the muzzle energy limit is welcome but the emphasis will be on home defense and duty rifles. Nominal round count is 100-150, sign-ups will be on Practiscore.

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Sanner’s Carbine Classic February Match Report


This February Carbine Classic match was wild, wet, and wonderful! A total of 25 competitors braved the conditions to prove their dedication in the face of the downpour.   

After a late-night simplification of the stages to reduce setup and teardown given the rainy forecast we happened upon a great balance of simplicity, low round count, and fun stages that gave competitors numerous interesting challenges. For example, one stage could be completed in exactly 11 rounds and therefore did not technically require a reload, however given the tricky long-distance shots required at the very end of the stage (around cover no less!) most people ended up stuffing more rounds in the gun and sending more lead downrange just to be safe.

We had a few more novice shooters came out for this match, and what a match to make their first! I can promise those competitors that this match is normally a little drier…but not necessarily any easier! In addition to these fresh faces, we have had many former novices returning to hone their skills and become grizzled veterans of the Carbine Classic.

Of course, as you might have guessed from the above, the weather was a big factor for this match. As the targets were being stapled there was faint mist in the air, and it even looked as though it might be clearing up. However, we decided to use waterproof targets and pasters just in case and that sure was the right move. As the day went on the rain steadily got heavier becoming nearly a downpour at times. Competitors, rifles, and gear were soaked to the point of failure; some rifles became manually operated, “waterproof” clothing was no longer, electronic scorepads became balky, and even a few shot timers bit the dust!  But in the end, everybody rose to the challenge, forged ahead, embraced the suck, and finished off the match without incident

While the rain soaked everyone, those in Prepper division were weighed down with even more sogginess as their kit slowly became completely waterlogged. Prepper competitors are required to carry everything they used throughout the match on their person throughout the day and every course of fire, which adds to the challenge when the going gets tough. Congratulations are due to every Prepper for completing the match, and especially to Anibal D who made it look easy winning Prepper division and placing 7th overall!

Included below is the link to the scores posted on Practiscore as well as a couple photos snagged during the match.

Special recognition must be given to Mike H as the top Active Duty competitor, Gerald T as the high senior, Andrea S as the high lady, and finally Jordan B as top Junior! Great shooting!

The next match will be May 29th, which promises to bring springtime warmth and plenty of sunshine (ha!).  Sign up information will be provided separately; stay tuned to the Sanner’s website for the status of upcoming matches.

-Jake S

Match Results

Match Photos

Fire and Rain:

Doing the Lefty Reload Reach-around:

Suppressor Steambath:

More Info

Match Directors

Match Description

  • Typically 5 stages of paper and other assorted targets.  May include drop-turners, swingers, clay pigeons, or other interesting shooting challenges.
  • Open to the public.
  • SLSC Dynamic Shooting Pits
  • 5th Saturday of the month (typically four a year)
  • Match begins at 9AM; sign in between 8:00-8:45 AM


  • SLSC members $10
  • Non-members $15
  • Children (under 18 with a paid parent/guardian/adult) and active duty Military or Law Enforcement shoot free.


Ironman: Only iron sights allowed on the rifle. Sights can be of any configuration or design provided they are metallic or equivalent and provide no visible illumination, magnification, or other optical enhancements.  No more than one set of sights.

Dot: One illuminated sight is permitted. Illuminated sights originally designed to be capable of magnification (whether used or not) are prohibited.

Scope: One optical or electronic sight capable of magnification is permitted.

Pistol Caliber Carbine: Any firearm chambered in a pistol caliber including but not limited to 9mm, 10mm, or .45 ACP.

Prepper: No gear requirements or restrictions except that everything used must be carried on the competitor's person throughout every stage and during the whole day (beginning of the safety brief to the last round fired). Anything dropped or not carried is "out of play", this includes water, food, rifles, spare parts, etc., however magazines dropped during a stage may be reused. Backpacks and gear may be removed briefly between stages to retrieve necessary equipment (food, ammo, etc) provided everything stays within arm’s reach of the competitor. Asking other competitors to retrieve equipment for you from your gear is allowed.

Equipment Needed:

  • Carbine and ammunition that does not exceed the muzzle energy limit of 1875 ft·lbs
  • At least two magazines and pouches from which to reload
  • Empty chamber indicator flag.
  • Roughly 100 rounds of ammunition.  Check match announcement for minimum round count and always bring extra as make up shots are generally allowed. 
  • YES! PCC’s, braced pistols, “firearms”, and legal AOW’s/SBR’s are allowed!
  • Suppressors are encouraged!

Course of Fire Details

  • Begin at the designated start position with empty chamber indicator inserted
  • Upon direction from Safety Officer remove empty chamber indicator and load as described in course description.
  • At start signal proceed through course as described.
  • Reloads may be performed at the competitor’s discretion unless otherwise mandated in the stage description.
  • If finished, stop and wait for command to unload and show clear
  • Insert chamber flag, ride bolt home to retain.


  • Score will be the total time for the stage plus penalties for missed targets and rules infractions.
  • Time penalties for missed targets may vary depending upon the stage and will be briefed as part of the stage description.
  • Additional penalties may be assessed as noted in the stage brief.
  • Overall score is the combined time for each stage plus penalties.


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